On actually working out at a gym

If you’ve been following my posts you probably know that I recently signed up for gym membership. Which is why I found myself in a gym at around 5:40 in the morning.

The program I’m following, called StrongLifts 5 x 5, is really simple. All I had to do today were five sets of five reps each for Squats,  Benchpress and the Barbell Row.

I started with the Squats with only the bar and no plates then did the same for the Benchpress. However I had to add 10 kg to the Barbell Rows because the nature of the exercise does not allow it to be done without any weight plates.

The Barbell Row
                                         The Barbell Row

Thought it was going to be easy but I was quickly dissuaded of that notion- my thighs are sore right now. I think my form was poor for the Benchpress and the Barbell curl but on the whole I was OK. All the while I was wondering what the really swole guys were thinking seeing a guy struggling with an empty bar.

Then it dawned on me that everyone was concentrating on what they were doing and no one was remotely interested in my workouts. Generally unless you are making some unnecessary grunts or handling gym equipment in a way that can be dangerous to you or others people in gyms just mind their own business. Which is good if you are a shy person- which I’m obviously not.

I completed my workout in about 30 minutes. Oh, did I mention that there’s a sauna at the gym? It’s awesome, I know.

So except for my poor form, which I’ll try to correct in future sessions, I think the session went well. The next time I go there, on Wednesday, I’ll do workout B of Stronglifts where the Benchpress is replaced by the Overhead Press and the Barbell Row by the Deadlift.

I think I may even come to like this- in a decade or so.

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