Hello, I’m Tawanda

I am a tinkerer, coder and Engineer living in Harare. I am interested in (and learning) Python, Javascript, HTML & CSS, C, and PHP.

Some Things I Do


I love writing and have blogged for about 8 years now. Though I don’t write as often as I should, you can take a peak here


I like taking photographs

Web Development

I’ve made a website or two. I hope to make many more.

Other Things

I’m also into FIFA, and I’m trying to go to the gym more often. Ah- and I enjoy the occasional beer.

Random Facts

Attended Gokomere High School (2004-2009)

I read a lot of fantasy novels. From Game of Thrones to Malazan Book of the Fallen- that’s my stuff

My dream is to write a number of books.

I was born and raised in Masvingo. Awesome place

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