Changing domains

You might have noticed that this site is no longer at, instead it now lives at I spent some time changing the domains because of some unexpected (and to be honest, really annoying) complication.

For some reason my domain registrar has locked me out of my account which expires in a few days. What this means is that in a few days I won’t own so all services associated with that domain will go down.

So I moved my website to this domain which I had registered some months ago. I then fixed a few minor issues and did some redirections. Visiting the old address, or any old articles will therefore take you to this new domain- but only for the time being.

After my original (.com) domain expires in a few days there will be no more redirections.

I’m a bit pissed though and maybe hopefully I’ll regain the domain someday.

But it’s no big deal really. Just one of those things.

So what’s up for today? It’s Friday after all and this heat is perfect for ice cold drinks.

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