We don’t need a Zimbabwean Social Network

There is no space for a local social media sites. At least not now
There is no space for a local social media site. At least not now

I read in The Herald of a Zimbabwean social media network called Wangu. Ordinarily I would have forgotten about it- after all there are thousands of social networks popping up every now and then and I seem to remember a Zimbabwean one a while ago- but the way it was linked to economics and politics was rather amusing.

It appears the network has become part of the ill-informed ZANU PF hashtag #1980SoFarSoGood which is used to push the wrong notion that since Independence in 1980 this country has done great things. The conclusion to the article was quite humorous, and I would have thought it was joke but I know the nonsense that comes from the Herald.

Wrote one “Business Reporter”, evidently ashamed of putting his/her name on such balderdash:

It is anticipated that in line with Zim-Asset Wangu will make a great impact on the economy and create jobs.

The Herald

I laughed hard at that line. As I have previously written, startups, and innovations are best if they solve problems. Wangu, in my opinion, solves none. Additionally it faces stiff competition from Twitter, Facebook and a host of other similar sites.

Without being a prophet of doom let me say there will be no success for Wangu. Neither will it create jobs as The Herald thinks.

It shows how desperate the state propagandists are, to pin the hopes of their foolishly ambitious ZIMASSET on a Social Network.

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Tawanda Moyo

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One thought on “We don’t need a Zimbabwean Social Network”

  1. Wangu was not handcoded, someone got the phpfox script, customised it and installed it on a server, no technological let alone economic advances will ever come from that. Some people (at the Herald) really don’t care how incompetent they make themselves look, over and over again. We need competent professionals otherwise hatisati tatanga

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