Drinking and Tweeting

A close friend who spent the festive season in South Africa interacting with South Africa’s youth newsmakers such as Julius Malema, Malaika Mahlatsi, Floyd Shivambu and others expressed his disappointment with Zimbabwean youths on Facebook. He strongly feels that we’re not doing anything as young people.

I’m inclined to agree with him. We (with me being the biggest culprit) are simply not working hard enough. Instead we whine and complain about the government and other circumstances all day long.

We are also good at taking digs on each other online especially on Twitter where some have mastered the recently discovered art of “twarring”, with many twimurengas breaking out, giving us twar veterans.

And we love going out and having fun, which is not bad at all really. After all we are supporting local industries.

We are drinking...and tweeting
We are drinking…and tweeting

In fact a random walk in Harare will show that the fast food business, pubs, clubs and bars and “boutiques” selling clothes are the fastest growing businesses in the country.

Econet Wireless and Delta beverages are two of the country’s most successful companies.

So when the afore mentioned comrade exclaimed “What are we, the youths, doing?” in exasperation, I answered him with a straight face:

“Drinking and Tweeting comrade,” I said, “Drinking and Tweeting”.


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