Hello 2019

Hello everyone and happy new year. For me 2018 was a mixed bag, I’m glad it’s over.

Every new year people come up with resolutions, grand plans and ideas that are soon forgotten as the vagaries of life take hold as the year progresses.

I’m no exception, though I hope to stick to mine.

My friends (most of them anyway) tell me that resolutions are foolish, that they seldom last long. And experience tells me that this is largely true.

Still, I have some things I hope to achieve this year including getting in better health, drinking less (difficult), coding more, reading and writing more and other ambitious stuff.

But I’ve digressed, my resolutions goals will be the subject of my next blog post. This one was about the new year.

So Happy 2019 everyone. May the New Year bring all the beautiful things you wish for and more.

And stick to your resolutions.

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Tawanda Moyo

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