The Importance of Ignorance

Before the 16th century scientific enquiry progressed at a very slow pace. Man only started to make serious progress when he admitted that there was much he did not know.

Before that the general view was that there were wise men , or religious authorities oir kings who had the answers to all the world’s problems. Wanted to know how the world began? Ask the bible, or the Koran or ask the elders. if those people didn’t know then supposedly such questions were trivial or God did not want you to know.

I think we can now all agree that this is a counterproductive mentality. And it’s something we need to accept in Zimbabwe. There are just too many things we do not know, or can’t do.

Blaming others or looking to God won’t save us. Admitting ignorance and asking questions with open minds will help us. Ignorance is important.

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Tawanda Moyo

Author: Tawanda Moyo

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