When being on a Kombi meant real conversation

Technology has changed us in many ways. All of us. Communicating is much easier, faster and cheaper and I now carry over a thousand books in my Kindle- more books than I can read in three years.

Yet these conveniences have not come without cost. Technology has also changed the way we socialise, with some suggesting that it has made us anti-social and others arguing that technology merely changes the way we socialise.

Being in  a place with any number of people easily highlights this. In banks, on buses, in parks and even meetings, people will be hunched over their phones or tablets, earphones in ears, busy typing away or checking on their social media feeds.

Which makes me a bit nostalgic.

There were days, not too long ago, when the smartphone was not in every hand. The days when being on a kombi meant real, genuine conversations. Those good old days when you could chat up a girl on the Kombi from UZ without the impossible inconvenience of earphones.

I get teary eyed wistful when I remember those days before the smartphone became ubiquitous.

That was before 2010, before mobile broadband came to these parts. Not to say I hate social media and instant messaging, but I kinda feel sorry for all the youngsters who’ll never experience that.

Now I’m just like everyone else, busy reading something on my Kindle, ignoring the world and strangers. Which must be a relief to some people I suppose- especially girls- no random stranger asking for your number or wanting to know how your day was.

And with social media and whatsapp you get to see how fat your classmates have become. Which, all things considered, more than makes up for the lost kombi chats.

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Tawanda Moyo

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