Looks like I’ve found the right laptop

A few posts ago I wrote about getting a new portable laptop and it seems like I may just have found myself one. Yesterday while running some errands in town I came across the Dell Latitude E7470, a 14” beauty.

As is normal, I promptly googled it and found some positive reviews. The unit costs upwards f $1000 though the vendor in town has it for much cheaper. Had to triple check for genuineness and it looks fine. Still don’t understand how the guys here price their gadgets though.

The e7470 has 4 Gig Ram, a 128 Gig SSD drive and a core i5 processor. The processor is fine and the Ram should be enough, though I think I can easily upgrade that to 8 Gig or even 16.

My main worry is the storage. I have never had a computer with less than 320 Gig of storage and I’m worried I’ll fill the thing up quickly. However I can probably manage if I keep all my other files in the desktop I intend to build and in the other external drives I own. In that case the 128 Gig SSD should be normal for books, some music, software and the coding that I will mainly use it for.

I will search for a little bit longer though, to see if I can’t get a better deal- which is highly unlikely- or perhaps try to get something else entirely.


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