Meeting Fahad Hassan

On Wednesday evening I attended an event where the speaker was Fahad Hassan, an American entrepreneur and founder of Always Prepped– an “online dashboard for teachers” that helps them identify and solve the problems and needs of every child.

He spoke about how he entered the world of startups, explaining that he “grew up on the internet” and was always and always would be a geek. More reasons, of course, why Africans must take Computing education seriously- if not for the skills then there’s always the money.

Fahad said the best way for one to be successful in startups they have to identify a problem in the target market and then solve it. Merely having an idea/product is not enough- people must be willing to pay for that idea/product. It is also important to hang out with like-minded people..

A business is when people are willing to pay for your product, not merely having the product. —

Fahad Hassan

When someone how he kept going despite many rejections from investors- Farad had his idea rejected like 50 times- he gave the coolest answer ever:

You learn with every “no”. Every no has a “because” and that gives you ideas for improvement. Therefore the next no should not be for the same business, but for an improved version.

— Fahad Hassan

It was enlightening and I learnt a lot froom Fahad, enough to make me a millionaire one day, lol.

Fahad is here for Startup Weekend Harare, the first Startup weekend done in Zimbabwe. I would have attended if not for the costs- $60 or $50 ($30 for students like me) is just too much in an economy like ours. But there’s always a next time.

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