What I’m doing now

I am in Harare, and this is what I’m up to:

  • Trying to write a blog post every day
  • Hoping Working to get in shape
  • I am learning JavaScript through Free Code Camp. Also trying to do some Arduino tinkering and coding.
  • Setting up a blog, in collaboration with other young Zimbabweans, for political, social and economic commentary and analysis with a particular bias towards young people called (tentatively)  The Voice.


Here’s what I am reading:

  • Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harrari ( a successor to his Sapiens whose review is here)
  • Red Sister by Mark Lawrence (because I love fantasy)
  • Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferris


Last updated July 12 2017.

This is a now page. Inspired by Derek Sivers.