On Xanda the Lion and First World Problems 

A son of Cecil the lion has been killed by trophy hunters in Zimbabwe, meeting the same fate as his father whose death in 2015 caused a global outcry.

Xanda was six years old and had fathered a number of cubs himself. He was shot on 7 July just outside the Hwange National Park, not far from where Cecil died, but news of the death only became public on Thursday.

The trophy hunt was organised by Zimbabwean private hunter Richard Cooke but his clients, who may have paid tens of thousands of dollars, have not been revealed. Xanda was wearing a GPS tracking collar, fitted by scientists led by Andrew Loveridge at Oxford University, who have studied the Hwange lions for many years.

“Xanda was one of these gorgeous Kalahari lions, with a big mane, big body, beautiful condition – a very, very lovely animal,” Loveridge told the Guardian. “Personally, I think it is sad that anyone wants to shoot a lion, but there are people who will pay money to do that.”

That’s from The Guardian concerning a lion that’s been shot in Zimbabwe. 

Found it rather amusing that I’ve not heard a single Zimbabwean talk of this lion. In fact I’m quite certain very few Zimbabweans even heard about this. 

Even the death of Cecil was a non Zimbabwean affair with protests in Europe and the US.

With unemployment in the 80s and a dying economy and other maladies including an upcoming election that looks likely to be violent, I don’t think many Zimbabweans have time to think about lions. 

I do find it strange, however, that some people make a sport of killing animals. It just does not make sense to me at all. 

As an African, born and raised in the village, I can only think of two reasons to kill any animal – for food or when that animal threatens you. 

The killing of animals for fun  is a strange sport for which I can find no reasons. So is the grieving for animals. 

First World problems I’d say. 

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2 thoughts on “On Xanda the Lion and First World Problems ”

  1. Leo’s kind if problems 😂 . Good piece. Sad that people kill animals for fun though especially one which is under study.

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