Our petty, selfish prayers

I took this picture in Masvingo early last year. I remember it was very hot.

The city fathers decided to pray for rain. I don’t know if their prayers were heard and whether God answered them.

It later rained- it always does, at some point.

Got me thinking.

Perhaps the prophets should pray for miraculous rains to fill Kariba Dam which we have almost emptied in our efforts to generate more electricity.

However too much rain means floods so I don’t know what can be done about that. I’m sure the prophets will figure something out.

God surely has a lot on his heavenly plate- some pray for rain, others for there to be no floods, some just want the sun to shine so their clothes for tomorrow’s party will dry; there are people who pray for their football teams to win and others still who want those same teams to lose.

Makes me wonder if God really listens to our piddling prayers, our selfish requests. “Please Lord, I want that Benz”, “Make me get the promotion (ahead of Jonso)” or “Help me get 50% on my Electromagnetics test and I will come to church forever”.

Seems very self-centred to me. I don’t know if there’s heaven, or what God/gods think(s) but I doubt He’d be too concerned about the outcome of a soccer match in Chamakondo between two villages or whether Neymar scores so you can collect your $13 prize at Soccerbet.

It’s all very puzzling too. Where does it leave hard work? Can a professional athlete who works hard every day for a decade like Le Bron James, Floyd Mayweathr or Christiano Ronaldo be outplayed or outfought by faith alone?

Can someone who codes for years like Zuckerberg or studies hard like Elon Musk be on the same level as that Saith charlatan who “gets blueprints of inventions from God”?

I think not.

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