In search of a new laptop

A while ago I was looking for a new phone and I have since gotten myself a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, which I think is an excellent phone for its price. (Review is coming)

Now I need a new laptop and for the first time my considerations are mainly portability and aesthetics. In the past I prized power- especially the GPU- over all things. I loved to play games then and always preferred big, heavy machines.

Things have changed though and I now want something light, with great battery whilst still packing power. Something I can use to write code in a coffee shop or blog while I wait for a friend. The new laptop should also be able to last at least two or three years without getting too dated.

The problem obviously is money and I have been looking at getting the best deals and my best hope seem to be the Asus Zenbook family.

What would I get if I had all the money in the world, you may wonder?

I’d get the Surface Book by Microsoft, which can turn into a tablet, has a powerful processor and packs a great battery. It also has awesome handwriting support. I could also use that to prepare some video lectures I’m thinking of making for high school kids.

The Surface Book starts at $1499 in case, dear reader, you’re feeling generous.

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