The Dangers of the Internet- and Stupidity

Ok, it’s not really the internet that’s dangerous. It’s just plain stupidity here.

Reminder of what/what not to say online. Especially if you think your job is boring, or your boss is an idiot.

If you’re this stupid then you probably shouldn’t be on the internet in the first place. Like seriously, who does what this guy did?

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Book Review: Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern

Let me begin by saying Sh*t my Dad Says is the funniest book I’ve read in a long time.

Sh*t my Dad Says grew out of a Twitter account created by Justin Halpern as a way of sharing the rather acidic statements made by his Dad. The Twitter account quickly grew to over a million followers. At which point Mr Halpern decided to write a book.

In the book’s introduction, Halpern explains the background of the story: Halpern lived in Los Angeles where he worked as a writer while his girlfriend lived in San Diego, also Halpern’s hometown. So when Halpern was told that he could write (he wrote for some website) from anywhere in the world he naturally decided to move to San Diego to be with his girlfriend. The sad thing is he was promptly dumped.

Which was how he found himself living with his mom and dad (a retired scientist with a sharp tongue).

The book itself is short. Just the right size for a lazy weekend day’s reading. It really leaves you wanting more.

Written in blunt, conversational style it traces, in brief chapters, Halpern’s life from when he was around five, recalling his father’s acerbic statements. Each chapter begins with a one-liner from Mr Samuel Halpern (the star of the book), delivering nuggets of wisdom laced with uncouth language and serious lack of propriety.

The chapters also end with his dad’s views on a variety of topics, for example:
On my first day of kindergarten
“You thought it was hard? If Kindergarten is busting your ass, I got some bad news for you about the rest of your life”


On- Bring Your-Dad-to-School Day
“Who are all these fucking parents who can take a day off? If I’m taking a day off, I ain’t gonna spend it sitting at some tiny desk with a bunch of eleven year olds”

And after Justin faked the results of an experiment:
”You’ve shamed the entire scientific community. Fucking Einstein, everybody”

Sh*t my Dad Says is a great book that’ll give you a couple of laughs or more. Good to have if you’re gonna be on a boring three hour bus ride.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think I’ll be checking out more of Mr Halpern’s work

Rating 4.5 Stars.

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