Time I got an Android Phone

The Moto G is an amazing phone  (Image from TechRadar)
The Moto G is an amazing phone
(Image from TechRadar)

I’ve been using a Lumia for almost three year now. Different Lumias certainly but Lumias all the same. The only time I didn’t have one was when my Lumia 720’s screen cracked and I used the Huawei Y220, a small useless limited phone which I used for a couple of months.

I also had an old HTC as my second phone last year until I sold it. So as you can see my Android experience is not that much. But I’m going to change that soon. I want an Android mobile phone now though not because I no longer want my Windows Phone.

I just want a different experience and- I’ll admit- the richer app ┬áselection is pretty alluring. However I’ll keep using my Windows phone and look for a cheap but good Android phone, like the Moto G which I’ve heard so many good things about.

Maybe owning an Android device will push me to develop Android apps which is something I’ve always wanted to do but lacked the willpower.

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