Telone’s Metro WiFi is Awesome

TelOne's Metro Wifi is cheaper and better than the alternatives
TelOne’s Metro Wifi is cheaper and better than the alternatives

It’s often the case that services provided by the government and government run (or owned) companies are trash. I’ve long held this view, and my dealings with government entities have done nothing to convince me otherwise- until today when I bought a Telone Metro WiFi voucher.

I was waiting for a friend in Joina City when a TelOne agent passed by selling the scratch cards. Told me a dollar would get me a Gig. So I bought it expecting crappy service and was instantly and pleasantly surprised.

The internet is remarkably fast, faster than in a lot of places where you have to pay more. Better still it’s quite cheap. At a dollar per Gigit’s certainly among the cheapest you can get here. Not sure if there are other competing services but if they exist they’ll have to do a lot to beat this. (I just checked Zol’s website and they are offering a Gig for $5).

I hope they extend the service to residential areas- or at least the Avenues. I would definitely use it. Instead of enduring expensive but crappy internet in some dirty, crowded internet cafe from now onward I’ll use Metro WiFi whenever I need internet whilst I’m in town. Hopefully this will also lead to a reduction in prices by other players in the business

Thumbs up to Telone for giving us great value for money, and for making me forgive a late friend – ah, and for making me blog again.

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