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Been a while since I last posted.

I’m back now though. A few days ago I wrote an article on a much talked about political development in our country. Had not been commenting on political matters much but I thought to write down a few things.

That article is on my old blog Reflections of an Afrikan Youth. I kinda miss my old political and social commentary blog whose domain I allowed to expire.

In other news Zimbabwe won the Cosafa Cup earlier on today. We seem to be good at winning this particular tournament.

Also Romelu Lukaku joined the biggest club in the world. Would be wonderful to see what Lukaku can do in Manchester United colours. Rooney, meanwhile, has moved in the opposite direction. Football, it seems, is on its way back.

Interesting developments on the Zimbabwean political scene as Professor Jonathan Moyo, known for his quick tongue and Twitter outspokenness, has threatened to reveal “who really” wrote General Chiwenga’s PhD thesis. Gen Chiwenga is the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, and therefore the most powerful soldier in the land.

Ah, and by the way I hope to be writing more often.

I’m out

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