Week 3: Couch to 5k Chronicles

Last week I completed the third week of the Couch to 5k program. It was hell.

Day 1
Monday are always bad, and running at 5am didn’t help a bit. But I persevered, and though the idea of running for three minutes was scary, I managed. Never been so grateful of the walking intervals.

Day 2
I almost didn’t run on Wednesday. Told myself I would do it some other day. I finally went out and ran because it’d be embarrassing to fail. Wasn’t to bad.

Day 3
Last Friday was the worst. Honestly, it was terrible. I woke just before 6, a full hour later than usual.

I only ran because I dreaded having to redo the whole week more. Felt so good after I was done though.

I’ve also realised that good breathing is key. At some point (sometimes) I “find” the perfect breathing rhythm. When that happens I feel like I can go on forever.

Running isn’t fun, but being unhealthy is worse. And I don’t want to die of diseases I can easily avoid.

I’m writing this after having done day one of week 4. I’ll just say it almost killed me.

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