You can now send and receive smells

This is a few months old but still interesting:

“Harvard Professor David Edwards and a former student, Rachel Field, want to harness the evocative power of smell, not just to bring us back, but to bring us closer.

Field and Edwards, the Gordon McKay Professor of the Practice of Idea Translation at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and core faculty member of the Wyss Institute for Biologically-Inspired Engineering, today demonstrated a smell-based device called an oPhone, which aims to add another sense to digital communications.

The pair bridged the Atlantic Ocean during a New York news conference this morning when Edwards sent a sniff of a New York breakfast — fresh bread, orange juice, and strawberries — to Paris, where colleagues returned the favor, sending the fragrance of champagne and macaroons wafting back.”

– via The Harvard Gazette

Ah, isn’t this wonderful? And the potential uses… vast, so exciting. Perfumes, food industry, wine manufacture etc can all use this new “oPhone”.

But I’d get it just to smell my mother’s kitchen. Ha, to be taken to the village in an instant. That’s the beauty and joy of technology.

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